What to Wear on a Family Shoot

Clothing & Accessories

gallery-family30I have no hard and fast rules about clothing but there are a few things I would strongly advise!

  • Avoid big slogans and wording on shirts – it can be quite distracting
  • With siblings and families, try to choose colours that compliment each other – similar shades, tones, colours. Or complete opposite colours can work too.
  • Lots of patterns can be a little distracting and ‘busy’ if there are several patterned outfits within one family.
  • Think about where we are going to be shooting – if there is going to be lots of green trees and green grass try to avoid wearing green. Likewise if we are going to the woods, try to avoid brown or dark beige.
  • Feel free to wear or bring accessories – bright winter hats, welly boots, colourful umbrella if its been a bit wet the day before.
  • If its cold, put layers on your children instead of big coats. Big coats do not always look good in photos around the neck line… and too much time can be spent taking the coat on and off several times, especially with little ones. Layers are good and it’s important you’re not freezing… it’s much harder for little ones to relax and remain happy when cold!
  • Children might like to bring a favourite toy/teddy, a ball or something to do
  • If you have any particular accessory in mind for the shoot or would like a semi themed shoot, just let me know in advance and we can chat about it!