Christmas Holiday, Australia

It’s not every Christmas my immediate family are all in the one spot. We are spread between the UK, the States, Australia and New Zealand. And thats just my side of the family…

So this Christmas we went out to Australia and this was Alex’s first long haul holiday.

Some of the residents of my parents garden…

The family down by the pool on Christmas morning… Champagne and croissants for breakfast!

Hanging with the cousins 🙂

Splashing about with Grandma..

Christmas Day late afternoon, a quick stroll along the beach. My favourite time of a day for photography on a sunny day.. warm, soft light with no harsh shadows.

Someone kindly offered to take a photo of the 3 of us… not sure she was ready for the big camera but there was one that came out well and in focus! Even though G has his eyes closed and Alex has a frown-face, I love it.

Alex with his Auntie Heidi and Auntie Joanna

Christmas piñata at Auntie Heidi’s!


Alex with his Grandma and Grandpop







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