Isolation is bringing so many new emotions out in all of us. Some days can be hard. Some days we reflect and feel thankful for everything that we have around us. One day we’ll look back on our time during lockdown and talk about it as a significant time in history.

I’m offering free family DOORSTEP PORTRAITS to households in Grayswood to help remember this unprecedented time in our lives. A photo that can be looked at in years to come and serve as a memory of “our time in lockdown”. These photos will be taken during my outdoor exercise time with a zoom lens so that social distancing rules can be kept. 

Is there a price? – All families will receive their favourite photo as a high res digital image absolutely free. Approx 2-4 photos will be taken in total and it is entirely optional whether you purchase extras. Additional digital images (after your free one) can be purchased for £15 and mounted prints (9×6) can be ordered for £12 but this is all totally optional.

It would be lovely if you could allow me to share your image/s on social media (Facebook/Instagram). This will help me greatly as a small local business (which like many others has been impacted by the lockdown)

The session – I’d love to photograph you just as you normally are. Feel free to get dressed up but also free to wear your PJs! No judgment will be made. If you’re in the middle of a cuppa, bring it with you! The session will last no longer than approx 5 minutes. Photos will be taken at your doorstep or in your front garden so long as strict social distancing rules can be kept.

When – Once I know how many families wish to book (could be 2, could be 20!), I’ll group houses on the same road and create a schedule based on where the sun is/isn’t shining! I will be running these on Wednesdays, Fridays and once over a the weekend. There will be a maximum number of families per week and when that max is reached, booking will temporarily close until the following week.

Tips to prepare
– If you have little ones, don’t make a big thing of it! Keep it casual.
– Try to clear your front door/drive area of cars and wheelie bins before I arrive. Highly recommended but if not possible, we’ll manage.

About me! – I’ve photographed hundreds of families over the years. I live in Grayswood, have 3 young children and I specialise in family, children and nursery photography. My family sessions are usually run on location in beautiful Surrey rather than doorsteps! Some doorsteps may be a challenge and there will be limited scope to change things up but but I’m looking forward to the challenge!

To book – you can send me a direct message on whatsapp (07853 869 319) if you are interested and I’ll put your name down in pencil until you’ve had a chance to complete the simple booking form below. NB! The form seems to not be working on some devices sorry! Currently trying to fix. If thats the case, just whatsapp or email me,

If your house is a name, please give me an idea where on the road it is. I will get back to you with a date and approx time as soon as I’ve worked out a schedule.


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