Nursery photos – is it worth it when I already have so many photos of my child!

Obviously as a nursery school Photographer, I’m going to 100% say Yes! But I do understand that these days parents have sooo many photos of their children on their phone. Do you really need another one!

There is something special about a nursery photo. It’s often the first ‘professional’ photo ever taken of them. More importantly, it marks a single point in time that in the future will become a very special memory for your child – the start of their school journey. Do you have your nursery school photo? If yes, what a lovely keepsake you have to show your own children. I have all my nursery photos of me when I was younger and I am so thankful my parents got them – even the one where the lady combed through my curly hair, turning me into a frizball!

Can I just buy the photo in the future?

As you can imagine, working with a number of nurseries/schools, I have a LOT of photos. I archive once a year and whilst I would love to keep all galleries live for parents indefinitely, it is not possible. Parents are given an order deadline of approx 1 month after photo day whereby they have the option to get free postage back to the nursery. Galleries then remain open for a further approx 1 month for all other orders. At this time, the galleries are closed.

Prints or digitals?

Tough question and of course its personal choice.

Prints are popular because parents and relatives then have the physical photo, ready for display and something definite that can be kept in the family, passed down generations.. Its strange that I can put my hands on my old hard copy school photos straight away – but ask me to find a digital copy of my son’s first birthday party and I’m searching through the cloud or hard drives for ages! All printing is done on archival grade paper and parents often comment their photo is ‘bought to life’.

Digitals are popular because nowadays people like to share quickly and have the option of printing themselves whenever they like. You can make copies easily and know you or someone in your family will always have that image. But will you print it out? If yes, great! Be sure to use the best quality printers you can afford to ensure colours are accurate and long lasting (but yet, if you’ve got the digital version then you could always just print again in 10 yrs!).

Of course, you could always get the ones you like in print – and get just your favourite one in digital too. That’s what I do!

Is it worth the money.. isn’t it a bit expensive for a photo?

It’s so hard to put a price on something that is going to give you and your child a fond memory to remember. They will have this photo forever and that is worth quite a lot.

But completely separate to that, there are other reasons why a nursery/school photo is a bit more expensive than the average photo.

– Photographers are using state of the art (and very expensive!) equipment to make sure photos are high quality. Because of this we can print to large sizes and edit raw camera files when necessary. No such thing as imperfections on nursery photos, but I have edited a whole load of snot over the years!
– The cost of a professional grade print is much more than your average high street or online store! Again, they are using the best paper, best machinery, etc..
– I personally use my expertise to work with your child to get them looking as natural as possible. This is not always easy! But this is part of the service you/your nursery school gets and why people pay other people to take photos! I am thinking about position, atmosphere, lighting, backdrop and then working a bit of magic. Many school photographers work like a production line – sit, smile, snap… However, even though I only have a couple of minutes, I will pull out ALL the stops to get parents a natural expression. By the end of the photo session I often need a strong coffee, ha!

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