Newborn and Baby Photography


When looking for a Surrey newborn and baby photographer, I can only imagine the difficulty for parents in choosing! There are so many newborn and baby photographers to choose from. All with slightly different styles and offerings. Here are just a few words on newborn and baby photography with Amy Blackwood Photography.

Newborn and baby photography style

My aim is to keep things true and simple! When your baby yawns or sneezes unexpectedly, I’ll do my best to capture it! When older siblings go in for a little kiss, I’ll be ready. But I’ll provide a lot of guidance and direction to ensure we get the most beautiful light possible in your home.

Say your baby is sleeping (which is usually a good chunk of the shoot!)… I tend not to start wrapping them in unfamiliar blankets, dressing them in accessories or moulding them up into poses.. I know this can look cute but maybe one day we’ll all look back and consider this to be a kind of fad? Rather I take pics snuggled in familiar arms, asleep in their own cot, wearing their own clothes and using as many of their own possessions as possible. So families can look back one day and say, “remember that blanket she loved”, “oh remember how he used to sleep like that!”, “remember that favourite toy…” This to me is sooo important in a photo, to capture things that are true and will make you smile in years to come.

Session length

Newborn sessions with Amy Blackwood Photography can take between 3 and 4 hours. I promise it goes quickly! This allows plenty of time for nappy changing, feeding, settling so no-one feels rushed. I arrive, we usually get the kettle on and we let the little bundle of joy lead the session. Unless there are siblings.. they often have a good say on how the session runs too!  If you might be interested, or know someone else who might be interested, get in touch!

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Amy Blackwood Photography ~ Surrey Newborn and Baby Photographer. A good way to see snippets from newborn shoots is by following me on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find a selection of photos from sessions on my blog.