Newborn Photography, Surrey

A few shoots ago I photographed this family when mum was pregnant. They then decided to book me in for a newborn shoot 🙂  I straight away told mum I’d love to do it but did not do studio shoots which tends to be the most common newborn photography option these days. I do not (currently!) do studio photography as my photography style is all about natural moments in natural surroundings, with a bit of pre-planning and a lot of thought around light and position. In other words, as far as babies go… you won’t find me sitting them inside a flower pot or curling them up into a basket! They can look damn cute like this but its just not my photography style.

So off I went to their family home when this gorgeous little bundle was just 10 days old. Seeing the family again was just lovely. Watching this tiny little guy’s two big loving sisters with him was heart melting. And as I hope you can see from some of the pics below, mum and dad were bursting with love for their new little addition. Here were some of my favourites from the shoot.




Haslemere Family Photographer
Guildford Family Photographer
Farnham Family Photographer
Godalming Family Photographer
Haslemere Baby and Newborn Photographer
Guyildford Baby and Newborn Photographer


And all surrounding area...




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