Nursery Photography

“Thanks Amy. I have to say your photographs have been the talk of the nursery among all the parents who are very pleased with their orders and those that I saw looked stunning”

Stephanie, Nursery Practitioner

Contemporary but still natural and simple. No stark white backgrounds and no forced smiles. Group photos are taken in the traditional format (not stitched together in photoshop!). If you would like to find out more, please get in touch and I will be happy to come and meet you. I can show you samples and run a demo so you can experience the process from a parent/carer perspective.

Here is a little bit of feedback from nursery and parents:

“I am so proud of the kids photographs. You should show a picture of real life V your photographs 😉 Picture perfect!! Honestly, my friends thought we went to a very posh Nursery School with these royal photographs”

S Edwards (Parent)

“Amazing! You take absolutely beautiful photos”

M Walsh (Parent)

“Thank you so much, you took some beautiful photos of her. We would love a digital copy of our favourite!”

A Atkins (Parent)

“Thanks so much for the lovely photo. You have captured our daughter’s cheeky personality perfectly”

A Lynes (Parent)

How does Nursery Photography work with Amy Blackwood Photography?

-The nursery are shown a demo so they can experience exactly what the parents will experience during the photo ordering process.
-I come in on ‘photo day’ and spend a couple of minutes with each child in a spot I know gives the best natural light. Depending on numbers, all children can be photographed within approx 3 hours.
-Hard copy proofs are dropped off at the nursery 1-2 weeks later to be given to parents. At no point in the process is the child’s name used and passwords and unique urls are issued for every gallery.
-Parents go online to view and order all photos taken (up to 5 per child) and proceed to make an order if they wish.
-Digital downloads are sent to parents directly. Hard copy prints are dropped off at the nursery 2 weeks after galleries close.