Photography Tip ~ A Successful Childrens Shoot

Lucky for me, the below scene is quite rare! During a shoot with a small child, there is bound to be the odd cry or outburst but as a photographer, you have to plan the shoot to make sure its fun, interesting and comfortable. The parents will thank you for it! Below are my personal tips for a smooth kids photography session.

1) PLAN. Visit the location in advance or arrive well ahead of time. Think about the spots that will give the child something to do / play with. I always have a rough plan/route. It’s not there to follow rigidly but it’s there so I can be confident where the next set of photos will be and avoid thinking time.

2) GET TO KNOW. The first few minutes of a shoot are getting to know your subject/s. Talking to and playing with them. If they are a little older I’ll show them my camera and let them have a look at an image.

3) TOY. Ask the parents to bring a favourite toy. VERY important. You would be surprised at how many don’t. I always have something in my camera case just in case. It comes in handy.

4) FOOD & DRINK. Most parents will do this anyway but remind them. Even if the shoot is less than 2 hours, a quick snack can really help re-energise (them, not me!)

5) MOVE ON. Sometimes I see something that would make the perfect shot but my subject is not having it! Try once or twice and get mum/dad involved but don’t persist – move on. A forced photo is never a good one.

6) PATIENCE. I always like the parents to feel we are not rushed or running out of time. I never set an end time, just a rough time frame. You need to let the child take their time  as it will result in a happy session.

Above all, I just GO WITH THE FLOW. I love my kids sessions, I always have a great time with them and it’s nice getting to know the parents too!

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