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Another shoot in Godalming, another incredibly sunny morning and another lovely lovely family. This little one seemed to have endless amounts of energy – just recently turned one and mum wanted some nice family pics. Lots of great photos of this smiley boy. Here are some of my favourites from the shoot..  

I think this little one’s parents were convinced there would be no smiley shots from this shoot but of course its my job to make sure we get some! Luckily this gorgeous little boy looks great even when he isn’t smiling.. and even when frowning 🙂 It was a hot morning, full of sunshine and I...

Last weekend I had 3 shoots! And this was the first… these 2 gorgeous little blue-eyed beauties, Emily and Josie. Without the risk of sounding like a broken record, it was another lovely lovely family. Anna (mum) and I chatted away about all sorts as we made our way around the shoot. The girls did...

It was impossible to choose my favourites from this shoot as there was just so many of them! A lot of clients choose to have their shoots in the Spring or Summer…. but I hope this shoot just goes to show that a Winter one is just as nice! Gorgeous little Mollie was a delight...



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