How can I see them?!

Your child will be coming home with a proof card. On this proof card you will find the website to head to as well as your unique security code to log in with. Siblings will just have the one proof card so it could come home with either child. Siblings are in one gallery together so you can mix and match your children within your package!

What can I choose?

I try to keep it really simple without too many overwhelming options. You can purchase:

Just 1 or 2 individual prints in a range of sizes
7×5″, 9×6″, 10×7″, 12×18″

Multi-packs. Choosing from one or multiple images within your gallery
3 7×5″ prints
3 10×7″ prints
4 7×5″ prints
4 10×7″ prints

Single image packs. Choosing your favourite image to make up a varied sized package
1x 10×7″, 2x 7×5″ 
1 10×7″ print, 2 7×5″ prints, 4 x 5.3.5″ prints
2 10×7″ print, 2 7×5″ prints, 4x 5×3.5″ prints, 4 3.5×2.5″ prints

A single digital image or multiple digital images

When will I get my order?

If you are happy to wait a couple of weeks, you can choose batch shipping at checkout which means your postage will be FREE and your prints will come to the school. If you want your prints delivered directly to your home address, that is an option too. Digitals are delivered to your inbox vis a download link within hours.

When is the deadline and can I just buy the photo in the future?

As you can imagine, working with a number of nurseries/schools, I have a LOT of photos. I archive once a year and whilst I would love to keep all galleries live for parents indefinitely, it is not possible. The deadlines for Witley Infant School are:

Deadline to order prints with free shipping back to school: 8th May 2024

Deadline for all other ordering and when galleries will CLOSE: 17th May 2024

Is it really worth the money? I already have loads of photos on my phone and…it’s a bit pricey for a photo isn’t it?

My prices are well below the industry average as I want parents to be able to purchase their children’s school photos and not miss out. It’s so hard to put a price on something that is going to give you and your child a milestone photo to have forever. Another year through their academic journey! Will they ask you for their ‘school photos’ when they are older?

Did you know that your school will receive 10% of profits made?

But completely separate to that, there are other reasons why a school photo is a bit more expensive than the average photo.

– The cost of a professional grade print is much more than your average high street or online store! They are using the best archival grade paper, best machinery, etc.. Its not going to fade or tint over time.

– I personally use my expertise to work with your child to get them looking as natural as possible. This is not always easy! But this is part of the service you and your school gets from me. I am thinking about position, atmosphere, lighting, backdrop and then working a bit of magic too. Some school photographers work like a production line – sit, smile, snap… However, even though I only have a couple of minutes, I will pull out ALL the stops to get parents a natural expression.

I hope you will love your child’s school portrait. Don’t forget to pick up your proof card from school. In the meantime, feel free to give me a little follow on Instagram to see what else I get up to when I’m not photographing school children.. Instagram

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